10 Alternative Ways To Treat Cold Sores

cold sore

Avoid the trigger

Try to avoid whatever seems to trigger outbreaks. Do they appear once you have spent time in the sun, or during occasions of stress? Once you can pinpoint a likely cause, you can take measures to avoid setting the stage for new episodes.

Hot and cold

Cool it or alternatively put heat over it. Choose what ever one seems better. Green tea extract bags sometimes work very well. Set the bag in simmering water after that allow it to cool slightly and apply on the cold sore. Don’t burn your self! The green tea extract smells great and anti-oxidants are known healing agents. Ice can feel really good too as it is desensitizing and helps that throbbing discomfort.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has striking antiviral properties, and studies have shown that lemon balm ointment speeds the healing of cold sores. The ointment is available at health-food stores; apply it two to four times daily.

Red grapes

A chemical found commonly in red grapes, has been proven to be active against the herpes virus in laboratory studies. A study from the Northeastern Ohio University showed that resveratrol cream used topically 2, 3, or 5 times per day efficiently suppressed cold sore growth if it had been applied one or 6 hrs after infection with the herpes simplex virus. Resveratrol cream was also discovered to be as 5 % acyclovir ointment (Zovirax). as effective. Cold sore formation was also effectively suppressed by resveratrol cream in animals with herpes simplex infection which was resistant to acyclovir. No side effects were noted.


Cut some garlic in two and put one part on to the cold sore. A chemical in garlic which is called Kyolic has antiviral characteristics and speeds healing. Use 2 garlic tablets a day.


Large levels of lysine supplements in the very first sign of the cold sore have been great for me in quitting an impending outbreak. Before the outbreak has abated I might take just as much as 4, 000 mg every half hour. This can make me nauseous on an empty stomach so I attempt to consume a little something with it.


Sage and rhubarb cream. Rhubarb was examined by a German study – sage lotion compared with sage lotion and Zovirax in 154 individuals with oral herpes cold sores. The overall topical sage – rhubarb preparation turned out to be as topical aciclovir cream as effective and tended to be more active compared to the sage lotion.


Eat yoghurt which contains live acidophilus bacteria. Some studies show that the acidophilus bacteria present in most brands of yoghurt really interfere with the spread of the herpes virus.


Location a tiny amount of sodium on the cold sore and hold it in place with a finger for a moment or two. This may be distressing however it is among the fastest methods to heal cold sores.

St. John’s Wort

The anti inflammatory and anti-septic qualities of St. John’s Wort has made this plant as a great treatment for various kinds of skin wounds. As an essential it is sold and generally extracted. Just use it on the sores. Instant result should be seen almost by you. Nevertheless, it is a very potent remedy , nor use a lot more than two drops at the same time.

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